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Ceuta is an autonomous city of Spain, located on the north coast of Africa.


The small Spanish enclave of Ceuta occupies a narrow isthmus of land on the African side of the Strait of Gibraltar. Densely populated Ceuta is seen in this image (NASA, left). Its pink and white residential and industrial rooftops occasionally broken by patches of green - city parks and athletic fields. North of the city, seawalls enclose a small bay and harbor. On the beach, bright blue patches are large water parks. The Spanish fort at Monte Hacho on the eastern isthmus tip commands a clear view of the Strait. The rest of the surrounding territory is Morocco.




This 3D view shows the Strait of Gibraltar, which is the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean. Europe (Spain) is on the left. Africa (Morocco) is on the right. The Rock of Gibraltar, administered by Great Britain, is the peninsula in the back left. The Strait of Gibraltar is the only natural gap in the topographic barriers that separate the Mediterranean Sea from the world’s oceans.



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