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Romerberg Square, in Frankfurt. A medieval square with more than 40 museums.



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Heidelburg and Karl Theodor Bridge


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Heidelberg, in southwestern Germany. The Karl Theodor Bridge over Neckar River can be seen in the photo. The city has suffered great destruction by the French in 1689 and 1693. The reconstruction was mainly made in the Baroque architectural style.


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Munich, the capital of Bavaria and famous for its October beer festival (City Hall in the center of the photo).



Berlin Wall


Berlin Wall (photo before destruction in 1989), erected by the East German communist government in 1961, physically dividing East Berlin and West Berlin.


Brandenburg Gate, a historic portal of Berlin with a bronze car of Victory drawn by four horses. The gate was embedded in the Berlin Wall during the communist rule. It is a sandstone construction, erected from 1788 to 1791.


Munich, Germany



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Romerberg Square, in Frankfurt


Berlin, Germany