View of New York from Brooklyn Heights - 1798

Original title: A view of the City of New-York from Brooklyn Heights,  foot of Pierrepont St. in 1798 by Monsieur C.B. Julien, de St. Memin with a Pantograph invented by himself. Text on print: "Published by M.Dripps from an original drawing now in possession of J.C. Brevoort Esqr. of Brooklyn". Illustration above from Columbia Digital Library Collections, prepared by M. Dripps for Valentine's Manual 1861. Enlargements below from New York Public Library.


NY 18th century



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Manhattan tip


Enlargement of buildings in the part on the left, with relocated texts.


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Trinity Church


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Old New York City



View of New York from Brooklyn Heights - 1798


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New York 18th century


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New York Ratzer



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Enlargement of the next part of the illustration, in sequence, with relocated texts. Trinity Church and Wall Street are on the right.