Brasília is the federal capital of Brazil, located in the Federal District (Distrito Federal). Because of its unique city plan, designed by Lúcio Costa, and architecture, the city was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, in 1987.

The city was created to be the country's new capital, in 1960. Its modern architecture, including some buildings designed by Oscar Niemeyer, and the functionality of its urban feature makes it an harmonious coexistence between concrete and green spaces. It is the third Brazilian capital, after Salvador and Rio de Janeiro,

In the central part of Brasilia, there is the City Park, a green area with good infrastructure for leisure and sports.


Façade of the Planalto Palace overlooking the ramp, the parlor and the reflecting pool. The city and its modernistic buildings stand as one of the world’s foremost examples of city planning.


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The National Congress building in Brasília, inaugurated in 1960.


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Paranoá Lake.


Itamaraty Palace, headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.




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