Espírito Santo

Tourism in the State of Espírito Santo ("Holy Spirit") is organized by specific routes, which enable visitors to enjoy beautiful beaches such as Guarapari and Aracruz; climb mountains with mild climate and unforgettable tracks in towns like Domingos Martins; and taste the moqueca capixaba, a seafood stew that is the most famous dish in the state.

Vitória, the state capital, houses an archipelago of 34 islands and two of the most important ports in the country: Vitória and Tubarão. These ports, along with several others in the state, form the largest port complex in South America. The main beach in the city is Camburi, a perfect place for water sports.

The coast of Espírito Santo is among the top three places in the world for fishing billfish such as blue marlin (mostly between October and March) and white marlin (in November).

(Source: Embratur).




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Espirito Santo


Beach in Vila Velha, Espírito Santo coast.


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