The 138 km-long coast of Paraíba is a succession of beautiful landscapes. Havens like Cabo Branco, Coqueirinho and Tambaba are some of the more than 50 beaches in the state, all with warm and greenish waters, blending nature and tranquility. All coupled with gentle coves, reefs and cliffs, in addition to coconut trees in several areas.

João Pessoa, the state capital, has a rich folk culture. The cuisine of Paraíba can be fully enjoyed in waterfront restaurants that prepare dishes made with shrimp and appetizers such as fried agulhinha, a small fish typical of the Brazilian Northeast, and the famous crab broths with coconut milk.

The city of Campina Grande concentrates most of the artistic activities on the cultural agenda of Paraíba. Located in the interior of the state, the city hosts one of the largest St. John festivals, a major event that attracts national and international tourists.

An event typical of Brazilian culture, the St. John festival - or June feasts - are held in June in honor of one of the most popular saints in Catholicism. It´s a 30-day festival with dances like forró and square dances, as well as exhibitions of local crafts and food stalls offering typical dishes like pamonha and canjica, both made of corn.

The capital is João Pessoa.

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