Piauí concentrates the largest number of archaeological sites in Brazil, at the National Park of Capivara. A World Heritage site, the Park charms visitors with its trails and archaeological sites, all filled with rock paintings which can be seen in burrows, as a testimony of peoples who settled there thousands of years ago. The state capital is Teresina.

The state has one of the most beautiful stretches of beach in Brazil - the famous Parnaíba River Delta, the region's ecological trademark. Besides visiting the Delta, tourists cannot miss the sunset on Pedra do Sal beach, visit the tourist terminal of Porto das Barcas and cool off by Portinho Lagoon. The beaches of Piauí are also frequently sought for sports such as kitesurfing and windsurfing - Coqueiro Beach is even known as "Wind Paradise".

The state capital, Teresina, offers travelers a choice of routes, such as the Ecological route, where tourists can enjoy the fauna and flora; the Historical-Cultural route, which shows a little of the local history; and the Águas route, which runs along the Parnaíba river towards the meeting of the waters in the Poty Velho neighborhood (Source: Embratur).

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