Rio Grande do Norte

Situated in the "corner" of South America, Rio Grande do Norte has over 400 km of coastline framed by dunes and cliffs that charm tourists from all over the world. Rich in seafood, green beans, cassava and corned beef, the local cuisine is also a strong feature of the state. The capital is Natal.

Genipabu beach, at 30 km from Natal, is one of the best known by tourists. The site is a natural playground, where one can relax, take buggy rides and indulge in extreme sports. Its white sand dunes and freshwater lagoons complete the landscape that looks more like an oasis in the desert.

Another famous and much visited place is Pipa beach, in the municipality of Tibau do Sul. Pipa is home to dolphins and sea turtles, and a beach of clear and warm waters surrounded by towering cliffs still covered by the Atlantic Forest. Other highly sought destinations in Rio Grande do Norte are Baía Formosa, Maracajú beach and the town of Mossoró.

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