Rio Grande do Sul

The main uniqueness of Rio Grande do Sul is the contrast in weather: in the winter snow can fall in mountain areas, covering the roofs and fields in white. In the summer the sun shines fiercely, raising temperatures and increasing the choices of tourist attractions with beaches like Cal and Guarita, in Torres. The capital is Porto Alegre.

Porto Alegre, the state capital, with its manicured parks, is one of the greenest cities in Brazil. In the interior of the state, the highlights are the refuges in the Gaucha Mountains. Cities like Gramado and Canela, with their charming inns, fondue restaurants and good wineries are an invitation to a journey through the Romantic Route in the state. The route comprises 13 cities surrounded by valleys, colorful gardens and waterfalls.

National Parks such as the one in Aparados da Serra are excellent for hiking, trekking and rafting. There are also historical destinations that tell an important part of Brazil's history. The Jesuit-Guarani ruins of São Miguel das Missões, a World Heritage site, are an example (Source: Embratur).


Ventoso Fall in the Serra Gaúcha, Rio Grande do Sul.


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Rio Grande do Sul


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Rio Grande do Sul


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Below, the Cathedral of Santo Angelo in the Mission region of the state of Rio Grande do Sul.


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Rio Grande do Sul


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Administrative Center, in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul.


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