City of New York by Bernard Ratzer - 1767


Plan of the City of New York drawn by Bernard Ratzer [written "Ratzen", an engraver’s error], surveyed in 1767, engraved by T. Kitchin.

Original title / description: To His Excellency Sr. Henry Moore, Bart., Captain General and Governour in Chief in & over the Province of New York & the Territories depending thereon in America, Chancellor & Vice Admiral of the same. This Plan of the City of New York, Is most Humbly Inscribed, by His Excellency's Most Obedient Servant, Bernd. Ratzer. Lieutt in 60th. Regt. Survey'd in 1767. Published by Jefferys & Faden, 1776, in London. Source: Library of Congress Geography and Map Division. Map was cut to fit in this web page. Enlargement and references below.

There is also this similar map surveyed in 1766 and 1767 Bernard Ratzer, which is believed to be a later version.


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City of New York by Bernard Ratzer - 1767


Main features


Bowling Green Garden


Liberty Pole Fields

The Liberty Pole in the Fields, now City Hall Park.


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Vauxhall Garden


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