Lower New York from City Hall Park - 1837


Unfinished bird's-eye view of Lower Manhattan, looking north from City Hall Park, in the foreground. Pen and wash on paper. Year depicted: about 1837. The view was probably taken from the top of the American Museum. The City Hall building was completed in 1812, near the site the Liberty Poles were erected in the 18th century.

Author: Thomas Hornor (1785-1844), an English land surveyor, artist, and inventor. Source: I. N. Phelps Stokes Collection of American Historical Prints / New York Public Library.


Lower New York





City Hall


Murray Street





Chatham Street



Brick Church on the site The New York Times Building was erected in 1857.


Broadway NY 19th Century


NYC 19th century


Old City of New York


NY Map James Lyne

The Manuscript Plan, Survey by James Lyne.


NY 19th century


Bridges Central Park


Park NYC

Looking south from City Hall.


City Hall Park



Lower New York from City Hall Park - 1837






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