Bowling Green Park - 1869


Photograph shows Bowling Green Park, looking north from in front of buildings known at the time as Steamship Row, numbers 1 to 7 Bowling Green (later, the northern side of Custom House). The buildings on the right are on the southeast corner of Beaver Street. Photo by George Gardner Rockwood (from Brown Brothers), 1869. Source: Photographic views of New York City, from the collections of the New York Public Library.

Before 1844, the first decorative fountain was installed in the Bowling Greer Park, involved with stones. Around the 1850s, a new fountain was installed. Another fountain was installed between 1860s–1885.


NY Bowling Green




Bowling Green NYC


Bowling Green in 19th century


Bowling Green New York NY


Bowling Green New York

Opposite view to the photo above.


Similar photo taken about the same day.


19th century Bowling Green


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Bowling Green Park - 1869


Bowling Green fountain