Map of Grand Circle, Broadway and Eight Avenue - 1904


This map of the area around Columbus Circle accompanied a New York Times article, published on April 10, 1904, entitle "Grand Circle's Values Rapidly Advancing". Prices that stood still for 20 years doubled in the last five. The newspaper reported "That the Grand Circle was destined to become one of the city's greatest centres of activity was recognized over twenty years ago by no less shrewd buyers of real estate than George Ehret and the late Amos R. Eno, but it has been within the last five years that the property on its borders has experienced its greatest increase in value".

The Circle at Eighth Avenue and 59th Street was opened on March 2, 1867. The Columbus Monument was dedicated on October 12, 1892. The name Columbus Circle became the norm after the opening of the subway line and local station on October 27, 1904.


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Published in the New York Times, April 10, 1904.


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Map of Grand Circle, Broadway and Eight Avenue - 1904


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