Broadway, South from Astor Building - 1916


NY BroadwayLower Broadway, south from the old Post Office (not in the photo) on the southern end of City Hall Park. Photograph by American Studio copyright 1916 (April 17 in a stamp). Source: Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress.

Photo shows historic buildings, pedestrians, carts and streetcars. The Astor Building, on the right, was completed in January 1916, on the northwest corner of Vesey Street, site of the old Astor House demolished in 1913. St. Paul's Chapel, built in the late eighteenth century, is between Vesey and Fulton streets. St. Paul Building is to the left, on the corner of Ann St., in front of St. Paul's Chapel. The 10-story Mail and Express Building (203 Broadway), headquarters of the New York Evening Mail, was erected in 1892 and demolished in 1920. The 29-story 195 Broadway skyscraper, in the center, was erected on the site of the old Western Union Building, demolished in 1914. The old Singer Tower and the City Investment Building are behind it.




Lower Broadway


St. Paul's Chapel


Telephone and Telegraph Building, 195 Broadway


Buildings Old Broadway


Singer Tower




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Broadway Park Row


NYC Lower Broadway



Thomas Street NY


Broadway Old New York


Colorized version in a vintage postcard by American Art Publishing Company.


St. Paul Building


Broadway, South from Astor Building - 1916