Skyscrapers in 20th Century, City Hall Park - 1952


View of City Hall Park looking south, with two of the early skyscrapers in New York, on the west side of Broadway. The Woolworth Building, completed in 1913 (once the world's tallest building), and the Transportation Building (left), completed in 1927. Photo taken in October 1952 by Angelo Rizzuto (1906-1967). Source: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

In the 18th century, the Common, now City Hall Park, was the place where the Liberty Poles were erected. The 19th century brought the City Hall and the post Office to the park and most of the New York newspapers were around the Printing House Square, located on the east side of the Park.

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Woolworth Building City Hall Park


City Hall Park


Park Row NY

Opposite and earlier view with Post Office building.


Post Office


NY Broadway



Transportation Building


Skyscrapers in 20th Century, City Hall Park - 1952


City Hall


City Hall Park NY


Woolworth Building




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