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Fifth Avenue, looking north from the Flatiron block at 22nd Street, in the 1890s. Photo by Brown Brothers. Source: Photographic views of New York City, from the collections of the New York Public Library.

The Cumberland House, former St. Germain Hotel, is on the right at 22nd Street on the southern part of the Flatiron block, where Flatiron Building was erected in 1901 and 1902. A sign of the Jockey Club, founded on February 9, 1894, can be seen in the balcony of the Cumberland, which was its headquarters in New York City, since its foundation, until 1901, when he building was demolished.

The Madison Square Park is on the east side of 5th Avenue. The Fifth Avenue Hotel, opened in 1859, is on the left, between 23rd Street and 24th St. It was demolished in 1908.


Fifth Avenue at Flatiron - 1890s



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