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The Grand Hotel is located at 1232–1238 Broadway, on the corner of West 31st Street. It opened in 1868 and can be considered an early skyscraper of NYC. The building still exist. Designed by Henry Engelbert (1826-1901), a notable New York City architect, for Elias Smith Higgins, a prosperous manufacturer and merchant of carpets, it was intended to be a residential hotel.

The six stories of the Grand Hotel, with white marble façade, was topped by a two-story mansard roof. The Broadway façade originally had a cast-iron ground floor of delicate columns and broad plate-glass shop windows. The building is a fine example of the Second Empire style. The architect also designed a loft and store building at 80-82 White Street (1867) and the Central Hotel in 1871, both for Higgins.

In 1870, the Grand Hotel was leased and managed by Henry Milford Smith (1809-1887). In 1882, Oscar Wilde stayed here for a few days. In 1884, it was reported to have 233 rooms. Higgins died in August 1889. In 1903, it was constructed the 12-story "Grand Annex" at 34-36 West 31st Street.

On the northern block on Broadway, between 31st and 32nd streets, the Hotel Imperial was expanding. The first building was erected in 1890. The Imperial Annex opened in 1893 and the New Imperial, in 1903. It became much bigger than the Grand Hotel.

The Grand Hotel was sold in 1904, when the owner and manager was William G. Leland. The new proprietor was George F. Hurlbert. The hotel was redecorated, the name was changed to "New Grand Hotel" and it included the Annex. The name "Grand Hotel and New Annex" was also used. In 1913, it was a popular hotel with big signs advertising rooms $1 up, later $1.50. Around 1914, the name changed again to Manger Grand Hotel.

In the 1940s, it was Milner Hotel. By 1955, it was Hotel Grand (instead of Grand Hotel). In 1957, it became Hadson Hotel and, in the 1970s, it was Clark Apartments. In 1979, the building was designated as a landmark by the Landmarks Preservation Commission of the City of New York.


Grand Hotel


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Grand Hotel Broadway


The Grand Hotel on Broadway and 31st Street. Vintage photograph taken between 1869 and 1871 (the building seen under construction, on the right, is the Gilsey House, completed in 1871). Photo (originally a stereoscopic view) from New York Public Library.


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The Grand Hotel on the southeast corner of Broadway and 31st Street, as published in 1869 in the Manual of the Corporation of the City of New York.


Clark Apartments


Historic Buildings


Moorish Lounge

Moorish Lounge in Grand Hotel (vintage postcard).


New Grand Hotel

Photo between 1904 and 1913.


Grand Hotel NYC

Late 19th century.


New Annex


Hotel Imperial


The Grand Hotel about 1870 from 31st Street. Photo published by E. & H.T. Antony & company.


The old Grand Hotel as Clark Apartments, about 1974. The Annex still bears a sign "Hadson Hotel". Photo by Edmund V. Gillon. Source: Museum of the City of New York.


West 31st Street

Façades on Broadway and West 31st Street.


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Manger Grand Hotel

Manger Grand Hotel with a big sign advertising rooms $1 up (vintage postcard, postmark 1914).


Old New York City


Gilsey House NY


Grand Hotel and New Annex as printed in a letter, postmark 1910.


Murray Hill

East 39th Street.


Broadway, looking northeast about 1905 / 1906, with the Hotel Imperial and the New Grand Hotel in the east side (undated postcard by Rotograph Company). The play Squaw Man, starring William Faversham was being performed at Wallack's Theatre (on the right), during the season 1905-1906. In the early 20th century, the Grand Hotel was eclipsed by Hotel Imperial.


Hotel Martinique


Milner Hotel


19th century


Grand Hotel Wallack's Broadway


Lobby of the Manger Grand Hotel (the name used at the time) in vintage postcard by Valentine Souvenir Company, postmark 1915. Text on print: "Two minutes walk from Pennsylvania R. R. Terminal, McAdoo Tunnel at 32nd Street (one block from Hotel), city terminal for D., L. & W. and Erie Railroads and direct to all R. R. terminals in Jersey City and Steamship lines at Hoboken. EUROPEAN PLAN, 400 rooms; 200 baths. Restaurant prices about 50% less than any other first-class hotel in the city. RATES: Rooms (with use of bath) $1.00 and up. Rooms (with private bath) $1.50 and up."


NYC 19th century


The old Grand Hotel as Milner Hotel (vintage postcard, postmark 1943).





Grand Hotel Broadway



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The Grand Hotel in an artistic illustration about 1870, showing trees on the sides in place of buildings (New England Lith Co. 109 Summer St. Boston. Robbins & Larchmeyer / MCNY).



Broadway, looking south, with Grand Hotel on the corner of Broadway and 31st Street, photo around the 1870s and the 1880s (Continent Stereoscopic Company Publishers).



19th century hotel






Grand Hotel