Park Avenue Hotel, New York - 1905


The Park Avenue Hotel (also A.T. Stewart's 'Working Women's Hotel) opened in 1878, located in Park Avenue (technically on Forth Avenue until 1924), between 32nd and 33rd streets. It was a nine-story building, one of the tallest in New York City, when completed. In 1910-1913, Vanderbilt Hotel was constructed on the block on the right, corner of 33rd Street. In the 1920s the building was dilapidated and was demolished about 1926. The office tower at 2 Park Avenue was built on the site and completed in 1928.

Undated photograph by Detroit Publishing Co. no. 018027. But the neighboring photographs with numbers 018026 and 018028 were both copyrighted in 1905. Source: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division. Below, enlargement of the main entrance.


Park Avenue Hotel


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Park Avenue Hotel NY


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Enlargement of the main entrance of the Park Avenue Hotel.


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Park Avenue Hotel, New York - 1905