Times Square in the 1990s


Since the early 20th century, Times Square has been a vibrant place with lots of billboards and in continued to be so into the 1990s, but with taller buildings, more colorful advertisements, more people and faster car traffic. The 1990s were the era of VCRs and the United States became the only superpower after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

In the 1960s, Times Square began to become a more violent place, with a lot of drug trafficking and prostitution. The office market in the area almost died. In the 1990s, the area was renovated and became safer and more attractive with theaters, theme restaurants, stores, hotels and tourist buses. It became one of the most sought-after commercial properties in the world.

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Times Square 1990s



Old Times Square


Paramount Building


Times Square in the 1990s, looking north from the junction of Broadway and 7th Avenue. America loves Vicki! was a talk show of the time.


Yellow Cab


Theater NYC


Times Square, looking south from West 43rd Street. Broadway is on the left, with the Knickerbocker Hotel on the southeast corner of 42nd Street. The structure of the old Times Building, covered by billboards, is in the center. Seventh Avenue is on the right. Photo by Scott Ferrell, July 17, 1998. Library of Congress.


Times Square night



The Disney Store in Times Square, at 1540 Broadway, between W 45th and W 46th streets.  Photo by Scott Ferrell, July 17, 1998. Library of Congress.


The 33-story Paramount Building, completed in 1926 at 1501 Broadway, Times Square, looking east from West 44th Street in the 1990s.




Times Square


At left, Times Square with the traditional New York City's yellow taxi cabs. Planet Hollywood is on the right. It was launched in New York City on in 1991, with the backing of Hollywood stars Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis. Photo by Scott Ferrell, July 17, 1998. Library of Congress.

At right, the New York Sports Club, Crown Plaza Hotel and the Broadway Grill on Broadway at W 49th St.


New York Sports Club


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Times Square in the 1990s


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