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The Trinity Church is an Episcopal Parish, located at Broadway and Wall Street, in Lower Manhattan. The Episcopal Church is a self-governing faith community affiliated with the worldwide Anglican tradition.

The first temple of the Trinity Church in New York City was dedicated in 1697 and enlarged in 1737. It was destroyed by fire in 1776 during the Independence War. The second temple was completed in 1790, being both longer and wider than the first.

In 1838, the support beams of the Trinity Church buckled and it was demolished in 1839. In the same year, the construction of the new temple was initiated in neo-Gothic style. The architect was Richard Upjohn (1802–1878).

The third temple of Trinity Church was consecrated on May 21, 1846 (Ascension Day). According to the New York Herald (May 22), it was in the presence of about three thousand people. The congregation was of the most fashionable, mostly ladies. The New-York Daily Tribune announced, on May 2, that the immense clock of the spire would be put up in about a month and it was the largest ever constructed in the United States. The big bell for the spire was received on September 9.

Its steeple allowed for a great view of the city. Total height is 284 feet. It was the tallest structure in New York City until 1888, when it was surpassed by the spires of St. Patrick's Cathedral (329.6 feet).

Since its foundation, Trinity Parish has included a total of eleven different chapels, including the historic St. Paul’s Chapel.






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Trinity Church


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Between 1908 and 1915.


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Interior design of Trinity Church in 2017 (credit: Julienne Schaer / NYC & Company).


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The spires of Trinity Church was the tallest structure in New York until 1888, when it was surpassed by the spires of the St. Patrick's Cathedral.


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The second temple.


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Trinity Church


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Trinity Church


Trinity Church


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Postcard showing Trinity Church at Broadway, circulated in 1938 (credit: Alfred Mainzer/ Irving Underhill, New York).


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