Union Square - 1904


The Union Square looking north from West 14th Street toward Broadway, New York City. Vintage postcard copyright 1904 by the Rotograph Co. Source: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

The Abraham Lincoln Monument on the southwest corner of Union Square (outside this photo) and the Union Square West are on the left. The 16-story Bank of the Metropolis building (later Bank of the Manhattan Company and a NYC landmark), completed in 1903, is at 31 Union Square West, corner of 16th Street. Decker Building, completed in 1893, is behind the Bank of the Metropolis. The S. Young Art Photographer is at 15th Street,


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Drexel Building

Wall Street, corner Broad St.


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Domestic Sewing Machine Company




5th Avenue NY


Bank of the Metropolis


Union Square


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Union Square - 1904


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