Trading Floor of the New York Stock Exchange - 1952

The busy old NYSE trading floor in October 1952.  Photograph taken by Angelo Rizzuto (1906-1967). Source: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

The traditional trading floor at the NYSE is where traders buy and sell securities, shares, commodities, foreign exchange, options, etc. It is a segment of the market where the trading activities are operated by the dealers in financial instruments like equities, debt, derivatives, bonds and futures.

The present neoclassic New York Stock Exchange Building, at 18 Broad Street, was completed in 1903. It houses a much larger trading floor than the previous building.


Trading Floor



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Looking south from Wall Street.


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The old building replaced in 1901/1903 by the present one in neoclassical style.




Old NYSE trading floor


Trading Floor of the New York Stock Exchange - 1952


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