Downtown New York City - about 1929


Downtown New York, Financial District and Civic Center. Undated aerial photo by from an aeroplane by Fairchild Aerial Surveys Inc., published in a vintage postcard L. Jonas & Co., Inc. Printed in England. Source: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

This photograph can be dated from 1927, when the Transportation Building (near Woolworth Building) was completed, and 1930, when the N.Y State Office Building (not in this photo), near Columbus Park, was completed.

The Federal Courthouse building (now Thurgood Marshall United States Courthouse) at 40 Centre Street was completed in 1936. The New York County Courthouse (now New York State Supreme Court Building), hexagonal building at 60 Centre Street, was also completed in 1927.

The 32-story Art-Deco 100 Barclay Street Apartments (left) was built in 1927.



Civic Center


Downtown New York City


New York NY


NY Civic Center


Civic Center




Times Square NY



Woolworth Building


Transportation Building


Downtown New York City - about 1929

100 Barclay Street Apartments



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