Civic Center - 1937


Aerial photo of the Civic Center in Lower Manhattan, New York City. Photograph dated June 17, 1937. Source: National Guard Bureau, U.S. National Archives and Records Administration.

Photo shows the government buildings around City Hall Park  and Foley Square (enlargements below), looking west. Hudson River is in the top of the photo. The Federal Courthouse building (now Thurgood Marshall United States Courthouse) is facing Foley Square, was completed in 1936. The New York County Courthouse (now New York State Supreme Court Building), hexagonal building at 60 Centre Street, was completed in 1927. The Municipal Building (center of the photo) opened in 1913 and was completed in 1917. Behind it is the City Hall Park. Enlargements below.



Civic Center


New York Civic Center



NY Civic Center


Enlargement of skyscrapers in Lower Broadway and City Hall Park.


100 Barclay Street Apartments


Civic Center New York


Columbus Park


Woolworth Building


N.Y State Office Building


Transportation Building


Civic Center


Foley Square



Hudson River


Civic Center - 1937


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