Shopping in New York City


If you want to go shopping, New York City is the place. There is a huge number of shopping centers in all boroughs. You can buy almost everything, here, in NYC. Below, some tips about consumer rights from the NYC Department of Consumer and Worker Protection:

Price postings: stores must post prices either on the item or on a sign where the item is displayed. Businesses that charge a range of prices for a service must list the range and what affects the price. It is illegal to charge more than the posted price.

Refund policies: stores can set their own refund policies, but they must post a sign with all conditions or limitations at each register, point of sale, or at each entrance where customers can easily read it. If no refund policy is posted, you can return any unused item within 30 days.

Payment methods: stores can limit credit card use, but they must clearly post all limitations near the register and the entrance. Stores must accept cash unless they have a machine to convert cash to a prepaid card. Stores cannot charge more if you pay in cash.

Receipts: in New York City, businesses must give you a receipt for purchases over $20 and upon request for purchases between $5 and $20. Save your receipts and ask for gift receipts to make returns easier.

Delivery dates: secure a delivery date in writing before you leave a store. If online retailers don’t specify a “ship by” date, they must ship within 30 days.

Complaints: if you have a problem the business won’t resolve, file a complaint with DCWP: Visit or contact 311.


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New York City

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Fifth Avenue


Hudson Yards Plaza, Chelsea, in Manhattan. It is a great place to shop (photo Related Oxford).






St Marks Place, East Village, in Manhattan (credit: Joe Buglewicz / NYC & Company).


Fifth Avenue, in Manhattan (credit: Matthew Penrod / NYC & Company).


Bridges NYC


Shoppers NY

The old-style shopping in New York. In the early 20th century, part of Sixth Avenue was considered to be a shopping district and the Siegel Cooper (on the right), opened in 1896, was considered to be the largest department store in the world.


Chinatown NY


Theater NYC


Miami Beach


NYC parks


Wall Street


Waldorf Astoria New York




Hotels NYC


Empire Outlets, in Manhattan (credit: New York Wheel).


Empire State Building


West 53rd Street, in Manhattan (credit: Matthew Penrod / NYC & Company).


Times Square


Upper East Side


Williamsburg, Brooklyn (credit: Alexander Thompson / NYC & Company).


SoHo, Manhattan (credit: Julienne Schaer / NYC & Company).




Chinatown, Lower Manhattan (credit: Elizabeth Bick / NYC & Company).




Inside the Hudson Yards Plaza shopping center, in Manhattan (photo Related Oxford).


Statue Liberty NYC




Shopping Center


Upper East Side, Manhattan (credit: J. Schaer/NYC & Company).




20th century NY


Map New York City


Winter NYC


Shopping Manhattan


Bethesda Fountain


South Street Seaport, in Manhattan (credit: Julienne Schaer / NYC & Company).




Rockefeller Center


Shopping in New York City




Central Park