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Granada was inhabited by the Moors from 711 until 1492. Its splendor was reached in 1238, when the Moorish kingdom of Granada stretched from Gibraltar to Murcia. Granada is a city in the region of Andalusia, at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains, and crossed by two rivers, the Genil and the Darro. Granada has magnificent old buildings and narrow streets, from a time when the city was under the rule of the Moorish kings.

The Moorish Palace of Alhambra, in Granada

The Moorish Palace of Alhambra, in Granada, Spain.



Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo del Escorial, constructed from 1563 to 1567.


The Alcázar, in Segovia. Originally dating from the 12th century or earlier, it was a fortified palace of the kings of Castile.


Balearic Islands


Salvador Dalí


Resort in Balearic Islands, Spain.


Beach in Barcelona.


Map Spain


Beach Barcelona


Painting of Salvador Dalí, Thyssen-Bornemisza museum, Madrid.


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The Alcázar in Segovia

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Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo del Escorial


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