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Africa is well known by its wildlife in the savannahs and equatorial forests. There are about 45 species of primates, including chimpanzees and gorillas, more than 60 species of great predators, like lions, leopards, hyenas, wild dogs, foxes and coyotes. These animals are vital for the maintenance of the ecological balance in the areas where they live. They make part of the rich African ecosystem.

Since 1940s, humans are responsible for a considerable reduction in the population of wildlife animals in Africa, directly or indirectly. As a consequence, many species entered in extinguishing process, becoming endangered. In the last few years, the efforts to protect African animals is increasing, but there is still much to be done.


African lion

African lions - Today, its principal habitat is the African savannahs, mainly in Kenya and in Tanzania. Out of Africa, only in India, in the Gir's forest, lions live in its natural habitat. Ten thousand years ago, however, lions used to live in vast regions of Africa, Europe and Asia.


African elephants, wildlife in Africa

African elephants - the behavior of the African elephants are mainly motivated for three factors: feeding, social integration with other elephants and avoiding danger. Elephants has a complex social system and communicate among themselves through visual signals, touch and sounds. They eat during about 16 hours and sleep only three or four hours per day.






Flamingos at the Barberspan Bird Sanctuary, South Africa (Photo by Nigel Dennis).



Hoopoe feeding its young, Western Cape, South Africa (Photo by Hein von Hörsten).


South Africa


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Black eagle


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Black eagle in Giants Castle Nature Reserve, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.







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Wildlife in Africa