Amapá has a strong link with the cultural traditions of the Amazon Forest and a mixed indigenous and Portuguese heritage. The state offers visitors tours such as the train trip along the Navio Mountain Range, during which visitors can enjoy the Amazonian vegetation as well as the abundant fauna of the region.

A tour that tends to attract surf fans is surfing the pororoca, as the bores are known in the Brazilian Amazon, along the margins of the Araguari River. The phenomenon begins when ocean waters reach the mouth of a river. This meeting of the waters (the bore) causes waves that can be as high as 5 meters.

Macapá, the state capital, is the only region bathed by the majestic Amazon River. There, in March and September one can enjoy the Equinox, a natural phenomenon that happens when the sun aligns with the Equator and night and day are exactly 12 hours long. Amapá also has some river beaches, such as Fazendinha and Araxá. Throughout the year, events are held in the capital and the interior, valuing and helping to preserve and promote local folk traditions  (Source: Embratur).

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Santo Antônio waterfall (30m), in Laranjal do Jari, Amapá.


The Megalithic Circle of Calçoene, in Amapá state, Amazon forest. It shows us that there was a complex civilization in the Amazon hundreds of years ago.


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