The state of Acre stands out mainly for its traditional Amazonian populations who live in harmony with nature. The cultural heritage of the indigenous population is well marked in areas such as crafts and cuisine. Indigenous customs and practices also influence the livelihood of the local population, which is solidly integrated with the forest and its myths.

One option to experience this man / forest relationship is to walk the Paths of Chico Mendes, the union leader known worldwide for advocating the sustainable use of the Amazon's natural resources. The tour begins in the state capital, Rio Branco, and follows through the towns of Xapuri and Assis Brasil.

Another site visitors will enjoy is the National Park of Divisor Mountain Range, in the municipality of Mâncio Lima. Accessible only by boat, the Park is home to forest and hills, as well as to a diverse fauna and a dense river network, including the Juruá River, which is considered the most sinuous in the Amazon. The Indian village of the Puyanawa people, who stand out for being cheerful and communicative is also located in Mâncio Lima (Source: Embratur).

The capital is Rio Branco. Borders Bolivia and Peru.



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The government palace in Rio Branco, the capital city of the state of Acre.

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