Bowling Green Offices Building, 11 Broadway - 1919


The 16-story Bowling Green Offices Building, at 11 Broadway. Photograph by Irving Underhill, made on September 20, 1919. Source: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

The Bowling Green Offices Building was completed in 1898 (W.G. Audsley), altered in 1920 by Ludlow & Peabody. Egyptian-inspired style. Elevated angled view showing Broadway façade and right elevation. Land to right is a construction site for the 23-story Standard & Poor's Building (or Cunard Building) at 25 Broadway, completed in 1921. At left is Washington Building, International Mercantile Building, and United States Lines Building, 1 Broadway at Battery Place (Edward Hale Kenall). Rebuilt 1920-1921 (William B. Chambers). Elevated railroad runs behind building.


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Bowling Green Offices Building, 11 Broadway - 1919



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