Southern Manhattan - about 1920

Aerial photo of the Southern Manhattan seen from East River, about 1920. Source: Records of the Army Air Forces.

Battery Park is to the left. The Cunard Building, a 22-story office building at 25 Broadway, across from Bowling Green Park, is under construction. It opened on May 2, 1921. The Bowling Green Offices Building, completed in 1898 at 11 Broadway, is undergoing expansion. Five additional stories were built in 1920–1921. The old Washington Building, One Broadway, was also undergoing renovation, completed in 1921.




Lower Manhattan



Southern Manhattan


Lower Manhattan


NYC Broad Street

Bankers Trust Company Building, Wall Street.


New York 20th century


New York City



Manhattan Island


Old City New York




On the right, the Jeanette Park, Coenties Slip and South Street.



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