Mail and Express Building, Broadway and Fulton Street - 1902


Buildings on west side Broadway and Fulton Street, notably the Mail and Express Building (center). Photo by Irving Underhill, copyright 1902. Source: Museum of the City of New York.

The 10-story Mail and Express Building was designed by Carrère & Hastings and constructed in 1892, an early skyscraper in the 19th century. It was home of the New York Evening Mail. The building was T-shaped in form. Its Broadway front measures 25 feet and its depth 100 feet. The Fulton Street front was 77 feet and the depth of that section of the T was 90 feet. The building narrowly escaped destruction by a fire in 1900, but it was demolished in 1920 and replaced by the expansion of the Telephone and Telegraph Building at 195 Broadway. It also replaced the old Western Union Telegraph Building, on the left.


Mail and Express Building




Park Row 19th Century

Former headquarters on Park Row.


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Mail and Express Building




Mail and Express Building, Broadway and Fulton Street - 1902



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