Skating Pond, Winter in Central Park - 1862


Original title: Central Park, Winter. The Skating Pond. Lithographed by Lyman Wetmore Atwater, after painting by Charles Parsons. Published and printed by Currier & Ives, copyright 1862. The New York firm of Currier & Ives (established by Nathaniel Currier, who formed a partnership with his brother-in-law James Merritt Ives in 1857), lithographed 4,300 subjects between 1835 and 1907 for distribution across America and Europe. Source: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City.

The Bow Bridge is in the background. It was completed in 1862, the same year this engraving was copyrighted. Central Park is the largest park in Manhattan constructed in the mid-19th century. It is considered to be the first landscaped public park in the United States.


Skating Pond




Old Central Park






Central Park 19th century


Central Park Flats




Central Park Lake

Same view more than a century later.


Bethesda Fountain





Central Park


Skating Pond, Winter in Central Park - 1862


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