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The Central Park, the largest park in Manhattan, occupies a rectangular area of 340 hectares. It extends for about 4 km, between 59th Street and 110th Street, and for about 0.8 km, between Fifth Avenue and Eighth Avenue. It is considered to be the first landscaped public park in the United States.

In the early 19 century the area was an irregular terrain of swamps and bluffs. The Park was envisioned in the 1840s and the New York State Legislature approved the establishment of Central Park in 1853. In 1857, the first Central Park Commission was appointed and selected the “Greensward Plan” by Frederick Law Olmsted, the park’s superintendent at the time, and architect Calvert Vaux. The cleansing of the site began in the same year. Lakes replaced old swamps.

The Park first opened for public use in the winter of 1859. The masonry of the Bethesda Fountain was installed by 1863 and it was officially completed in 1873. Central Park was officially opened in 1876.


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Central Park 19th century


Central Park, Majestic Hotel and Dakota Apartments around 1904. Vintage post card by The Rotograph Co.



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Bethesda Terrace, Fountain


Bethesda Terrace New York




Grand Army Plaza Manhattan


Children NY


Fifth Avenue NY


Bethesda Fountain, Central Park, 1896. Photograph published by Elizabeth, N.J. / A.S. Campbell (Library of Congress).


Maine Monument


Lake 19th century NY


Spring Central Park


20th century


Southern part of Central Park near the Scholar's Gate, showing buildings on Fifth Avenue in the background, including Hotel Netherland and Hotel Savoy. The old Plaza Hotel was demolished in 1905 and the new Plaza was completed in 1907, on the corner of 59th Street (photo between 1905 and 1907, postcard published by Aristophoto Company).


Central Park



Scholar's Gate


Panoramic view of Central Park, looking north, about the 1990s.


Central Park NY 1859


Bethesda Fountain


Bethesda Terrace


Daniel Webster


Central Park New York City




Obelisk NY


Lake Central Park


Merchant’s Gate


City Hall Park


Bethesda Fountain



Central Park


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Snow NY


Aerial Photograph


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Antique Images of Central Park