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Chinatown in Mott Street, early 20th century (Oilette postcard).


Chinatown NY


Pell Street vintage photo


Doyer Street vintage photo

Pell Street from Doyers Street, Chinatown - 1909.


Mott Street


U.S. and Chinese flags hanging from Chinese revolutionary headquarters in N.Y.C. (October 1911). Photograph shows the Young China Association headquarters on the second floor of 12 Mott Street in New York City, flying the flag of the Chinese revolutionary movement. The headquarters are above the Boston Cigar store, to the right of the Flowery Kingdom Restaurant and to the left of Morning Star Mission facilities. Source: Library of Congress.


Mott St


Restaurant Chinatown


Bowery Street



Chinese movement


Doyers Street




NY Street Scenes


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Vintage Images of Chinatown






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