New Dutch Church - about 1731


The New Dutch Church about 1731. Text on print: "To the Honourable Rip Van Dam, Esqr President of His Majesty's Council for the Province of New York. This view of the New Dutch Church is most humbly Dedicated by your Honour's most Obedient Servt Wm Burgis". "This Church was founded AD 1727 & finished AD 1731 & is in Length 100 F in Breadth 75 Foot". "The Revd Mr Walter Du Bois & Mr Henry Boel Ministers". "Re-engraved on copper by Sidney L. Smith". Published by "The Society of Iconophiles of New York, 1900". Rip van Dam ceased to hold that position on August 1, 1732, so the print must have been issued before that date.

This temple was located on the east side of Nassau Street (to the right), with the main entrances, and the tower faced Liberty Street. English preaching was introduced in 1764. After the construction of the North Dutch Church in 1767-1769, the New Dutch Church became known as the Middle Dutch Church because it was situated between the old Dutch Church, on Exchange Place, and the North Dutch Church at William and Fulton streets. The last service was held on August 11, 1844. This year the United States Government leased and altered the building for a post-office. The building was demolished in 1882.

The church seen in the background is the Eglise du St. Esprit, built in 1704 on the north side of King Street (now Pine Street).



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New Dutch Church - about 1731




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