Chatham Street and

St. Paul's Chapel - 1798


View of stone-paved Chatham Street (now Park Row), looking south toward St. Paul's Chapel, on Broadway, in 1798. Watercolor, brown and black ink, selective glazing, and graphite on paper. Signed and dated in black ink at lower right: "C. Milbourne. 1798." Source: New-York Historical Society. The same author painted a View of Broadway at Bowling Green with the Government House, in 1797.


Chatham Street


Park Row




In the mid-18th century, this was part of the old Post-Road to Boston. This street was officially named Chatham Street in 1774 and officially became Park Row in 1886, although it had been called that much earlier.

The fenced area on the right was the Common, later City Hall Park. The new City Hall was constructed in the place in the early 19th century.

At the left is the Park Theatre, erected between 1795 and 1798, on the east side of Chatham Street. Park Theatre was a playhouse which opened in January 1798 under lease to William Dunlap and John Hodgkinson. This building was destroyed by fire on May 25, 1820, but immediately rebuilt.

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NY City Hall Park

Chatham Street (right) and Broadway (left).


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