New York City Hall about 1980


The New York City Hall building from Park Row, about 1980. Created by the Historic American Buildings Survey. Source: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

The City Hall has been the seat of New York City government since 1812. It is one of the most treasured buildings in the City, designated a national historic landmark in 1960. The present building is New York's third city hall (the other two have long since disappeared), and was built in response to the needs of a rapidly expanding city.

The old Home Life Building, completed in 1894, is on the left. The 28-story Tower 270 Broadway at Chambers Street, completed in 1930, is seen behind City Hall. It replaced the old National Shoe & Leather Bank building, completed in 1893.


City Hall 20th century


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AT&T Long Lines Building, 33 Thomas Street, completed in 1974.


New York City Hall


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City Hall fire NY


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New York City Hall about 1980