5th Ave. from Fifty-first St. - 1900


Fifth Avenue, north from Fifty-first St., New York, 1900. Photograph published by Detroit Photographic Co. The mansion on the left was the home of William H. Vanderbilt, following. Source: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C.


5th Ave.


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Color version (photochrom, photomechanical print) of the same photograph, published by the same company, copyright 1900. Original title: Fifth Avenue at Fifty-first Street, New York City. Source: Library of Congress.





Collegiate Church of St. Nicholas


Old Waldorf-Astoria


New York 1900


42nd Street

East 42nd Street - 5th Avenue, prior to 1913.


5th Avenue NY



New York NY




Saint Thomas Church



Fifth Avenue NY





Fifth Avenue New York


5th Ave. from Fifty-first St. - 1900









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Fifth Avenue