Vintage Images of Fifth Avenue


The 5th Avenue is a major thoroughfare in Manhattan. It stretches 10 km from Washington Square to West 143rd Street in Harlem. It has major attractions, hotels, temples, iconic stores and more.

Fifth Avenue first appeared on the Commissioners' Map of 1811, when it was a country road to Yorkville. Construction began in November, 1824, from Art Street (now in Washington Square) to 13th Street.

Later, it became a site of mansions, cultural institutions, fashionable life and luxury hotels. The asphalt pavement was laid down in 1898. In the 20th century, 5th Avenue was full of skyscrapers.

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Fifth Avenue


Old City of New York






Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street, New York, early 20th century (circa 1912). Published by Detroit Photographic Co.



200 Fifth Avenue

Madison Square is to the right.




NY Street Scenes


Saint Patrick Cathedral


Plaza NY



Washington Square New York

The beginning of Fifth Avenue.


Central Park and buildings in the east side of Fifth Avenue. In the foreground, roof of the Trump Parc. Photo taken around the 1990s.


Knickerbocker Trust Building



Waldorf–Astoria in the background.


Central Park buildings


20th Century NY


Sunday Fifth Avenue


5th Avenue NY


Fifth Avenue from Start to Finish


Fifth Avenue New York City

Old Waldorf-Astoria Hotel on the left, around 1909 and 1914.


5th Ave buildings


Sixty Fifth Street


New York City Fifth Avenue


Central Park


Fifth Avenue NYC

Looking north from 42nd Street.



Vanderbuilt House


Plaza Hotel


Red Cross Parade

Madison Square in to the right.


Washington Square images


Old Buildings NY


Traffic NY

Looking north from 40th Street.


5th Avenue NY


Crowds NY


Sherry Netherland


St. Regis Hotel


New York Public Library


5th Avenue 40th Street

New York Public Library at 40th Street.


Central Park images


Madison Square


Old cars Fifth Avenue


Heckscher Building


Army Day Parade Fifth Avenue


NYPL 5th Avenue


Fifth Avenue


5th Avenue NYC

Old Waldorf-Astoria Hotel is on the left.




Wall Street images


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Flatiron images


Grand Army Plaza Manhattan


Empire State Building


Fifth Avenue NY


Marble Collegiate Church


People Fifth Avenue

Looking north from Forty-second Street.


Central Park


Holland House


Vintage Images of Fifth Avenue


Fifth Avenue 19th Century



Fifth Avenue

From Grand Army Plaza, with the Vanderbilt House to the right.



Fifth Avenue