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The Allerton House at 45 East 55th Street / 551 Madison Avenue, in Midtown Manhattan, was originally opened for men only as permanent residents. It was completed in mid-1922, when it opened its doors. It was also known as The Winslow. Since 1982, is an office building.

45 East 55th StreetThis 17-story Allerton House for bachelors was erected on the site of the old First Reformed Episcopal Church, built in the 1870s on the northeast corner of Madison Avenue and 55th Street. The congregation left the place in November 1919, after the property was sold to the Allerton House Company. The temple was then demolished.

The fireproof building was designed by Arthur Loomis Harmon, who also designed other hotels in New York, such as the Allerton House at 145 East 39th St. and the Shelton. The building fronts 75 feet on Madison Ave. and 100 feet on the 55th Street. It was constructed with clad in dark-red brick above a 2-story base of stone, metal, and glass, with the main entrance in the south facade on 55th Street. The penthouse level is topped by a low-sloped tile roof. It had club conveniences and furnished rooms.

In 1932, the 500-room club residence passed to the management of the Knott Company and it was also opened to women.

In 1961, the Winslow Hotel was a property of the H.R. Weissberg Company, headed by Herbert R. Weissberg and operated by the Winslow Associates of New York. The Weissberg chain included the Paramount, the Brittany and the Winslow Hotels in New York, and the Baltimore and the Emerson in Baltimore.

In 1962, the Winslow Hotel was purchased by the Leader-Durst Corporation, a real state company. It had then 400 rooms, a cocktail lounge, restaurant, eight stores and offices with separate entrance.

In 1965, the 400-room Winslow Hotel was transferred to Felomer, Inc., headed by Osias Natch.

In 1982, it was renovated and converted into an office building.

The building underwent a series of renovations between 2006 and 2016. In January 2017, Lexin Capital bought the building from Barings (formerly known as Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers). Now, the building is managed by Cushman & Wakefield.


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Above, The Winslow. Vintage postcard by Lumitone, about 1930.

Below, the building in 2021 from Google Street View.



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The Winslow Bar in the Winslow Hotel. Vintage postcard by Lumitone Photoprint, 1930.


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The Winslow, Allerton House at 45 East 55th Street