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Barbizon Plaza


The old Barbizon Plaza Hotel (now Trump Parc) is a 38-story condominium building situated at 106 Central Park South extending through to Sixth Avenue and 58th Street, in Midtown Manhattan. It opened on May 12, 1930. The Trump Parc East, at 100 Central Park South, on the corner of Sixth Avenue, opened in late 1917 or early 1918.

The first building of this complex of apartment buildings was erected by the John J. Hearn's company at the south end of Central Park South, at the west corner of 6th Avenue, now the Trump Parc East at 100 Central Park South. It was originally 14 stories high fireproof building, arranged in studios suites of two, three and five rooms, with an accompanying number of baths. The proximity to the former New York Athletic Club building, on the opposite corner of Sixth Avenue (site of the old St. Moritz on-the-Park, completed in 1930), was considered by the builder in designing the structure, according to the New York Herald (December 23, 1917). In December, 1917, it was advertised as studio apartments and duplex apartments of six rooms on the upper floors. One more floor was added later. It was converted to a luxury condominium in 1997.

The Barbizon Hotel, at 140 East 63rd Street, opened in 1927 as a residential hotel and clubhouse for single women. It was built by a company headed by James S. Pollard and William H. Silk.

The Barbizon Plaza, at 106 Central Park South / 101 West 58th Street, also built by William Silk, was under construction in July, 1929, and it was announced by the New York Times as the Barbizon-Plaza Art-Music-Residence Centre, the first of its kind in the United States (later, in the 1930s, it was advertised as Barbizon-Plaza Hotel). It was intended to be a combined residence and professional building for both men and women. The Art Deco Barbizon Plaza was designed by architect Laurence Emmons of Murgatroyd & Ogden. It was considered to be the world's first glass-pinnacled skyscraper, constructed entirely of etched glass-brick laid in a skeleton of steel. It opened on May 12, 1930 with 1,400 ensuite rooms. It included two concert auditoriums, a library, studios for sculptors and painters and exhibition rooms.

In July, 1933, the Barbizon Plaza was foreclosed and sold at auction. In 1973, Lambert Brussels Real Estate Corp. bought the hotel and affiliated it with the Penta Hotels. In 1981, Donald Trum acquired both, the Barbizon-Plaza (renamed Trump Parc) and the 100 Central Park South (renamed Trump Parc East).


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Barbizon Plaza in a vintage postcard. The 6th Avenue is on the left. The 100 Central Park South (Trump Parc East) is on the corner.


Barbizon Hotel


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The Barbizon Plaza. View looking northwest of from Sixth Avenue and 58th Street. Taken in 1931. Source: Federal Seaboard Terra Cotta Corporation.


Guests terrace (Yacht Lounge) on thirtieth floor, overlooking the trees and lagoons of Central Park. Source: brochure of the hotel published in 1941.


Hotel Barbizon Plaza


Below, entrance of the Barbizon Plaza at 101 West 58th Street. Vintage photo by Wurts Bros. taken in 1939. Source: New York Public Library.




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The 100 Central Park South (now Trump Parc East) as published in the New York Herald on December 23, 1917.


View of Barbizon Plaza Hotel from Central Park, on October 16, 1930. Photo by Samuel Herman Gottscho (1875-1971). Source: Museum of the City of New York.


Renovated entrance of the Barbizon-Plaza at 106 Central Park South. Source: brochure of the hotel published in 1957.


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