Old New York Athletic Club Building


The New York Athletic Club was founded in 1868. In 1898, the headquarter moved from the building on the corner of Sixth Avenue and West 55th Street to a new clubhouse on the corner of 59th Street and Sixth Avenue (photo above).

The design of this clubhouse was published in the Harper's Weekly, July 27, 1895. Construction started in 1896. On March 5, 1898, the opening of the new clubhouse was announced to happen on March 26th.

This clubhouse was demolished about 1928 to build the Hotel St. Moritz, completed in 1930. The current City House of the NYAC, on 59th Street, corner of 7th Avenue, was completed in 1930.



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The old New York Athletic Club building on the corner of 59th Street (facing Central Park) and Sixth Avenue, in 1925. The building behind it is the Coronet Apartments, on the corner of 6th Avenue and 58th Street.



Construction building


The new clubhouse under construction as published in the New York Athletic Club Journal, April, 1897. Original title: The way it looks now.


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New York Athletic Club


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Old New York Athletic Club Building