Gotham Hotel on Fifth Avenue


Fifth Avenue NYC, looking south near 56th Street. The Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church (founded in 1808 as the Cedar Street Presbyterian Church) and Gotham Hotel (completed in 1905) are on the right. St. Regis Hotel (completed in 1904) is to the left. Both hotels are on the corners of 55th Street and still exist. They are among the few structures on 5th Avenue that are reminiscent of the golden age of luxury hotels. Gotham Hotel is now The Peninsula.

Photo in the early 20th century from Detroit Publishing Company photograph collection (Library of Congress). Below, enlargement of street scene.


Fifth Avenue


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5th Avenue NY

Hotel Gotham is on the right.


Fifth Avenue New York


Street scene New York



Sunday Fifth Avenue

The opposite view.


Street scene shows pedestrians, wagons and vintage car model on Fifth Avenue, with old mansions on both sides.


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55th Street NY

Hotel Gotham is on the right.


Gotham Hotel on Fifth Avenue



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