Hippodrome, Madison Square - 1853


The Franconi Schottisch's Hippodrome built in 1853 on the site old Madison Cottage. Illustration engraved by Sarony & Major (lithography). Original title: Franconi Schottisch - Composed for the Piano Forte and respectfully dedicated to the visitors of the Hippodrome by Frank Harris. Copyrighted and published by Thomas S. Berry, New York. Published by John Edgar Gould, Philadelphia, D.A. Traux, Cincinnati and Oliver Ditson, Boston. Source: I. N. Phelps Stokes Collection of American Historical Prints, New York Public Library.

Franconi's Hippodrome was famous for mammoth entertainments and amusements. It opened on May 2, 1853, with 10,000 seats. It was torn down in 1856 to make way for the Fifth Avenue Hotel.




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Hippodrome, Madison Square - 1853


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