P.T. Barnum's Great Roman Hippodrome - 1874


P.T. Barnum's Great Roman Hippodrome (title from the top flag). Photographic reproduction of drawing published in the Daily Graphic, New York, Thursday, March 5, 1874 (Brown Bros. New York stamp on verso). Source: New York Public Library.

The P.T. Barnum's Roman Hippodrome opened in 1874 on the northeast side of Madison Square. It occupied the entire block bounded by Fourth and Madison avenues, 26th and 27th streets. The site was previously used by the New York and Harlem Railroad as passenger depot and freight warehouse (see map below).


Roman Hippodrome



Madison Square in 19th Century


Roman Hippodrome

Illustration published in the same magazine.


Broadway and Fifth Avenue


Broadway New York City


Statue of Liberty Torch


Map of Madison Square


Barnum's American Museum




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P.T. Barnum's Great Roman Hippodrome - 1874


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