Madison Avenue - 1910


The Madison Avenue seen from Madison Square Park. Photograph copyright 1910 (before August) by Thaddeus Wilkerson, published in a vintage postcard. Source: Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division.

Photo shows buildings on east side of Madison Avenue from the old Madison Square Garden, on the southeast corner of East 26th Street (left), to the Metropolitan Life Insurance Tower (partially seen), on the corner East 24th Street.

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Madison Avenue NY


The second Madison Square Garden replaced the original building in 1890 and was demolished in 1925.

The Leonard Jerome mansion is partially seen on the corner of East 26th Street. It was built from 1859 to 1865 by Sir Winton Churchill's maternal grandfather. Madison Square Hotel at 37 Madison Avenue, adjacent to the mansion, opened in 1904. Both, the hotel and the mansion were demolished by 1969.

On the northeast corner of 25th Street, is the New York Appellate Courthouse, completed in 1899. This is the only building in this section of Madison Avenue that still stands.

The Madison Square Presbyterian Church (Parkhurst's Church) is on the northeast corner of 24th Street. It was consecrated in 1906, after the congregation moved from the old temple, completed in 1854, across the same street to make way for the 48-story Metropolitan Life Insurance Tower, seen partially on the right. Parkhurst's Church was demolished in 1919.


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Jerome Mansion.


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Madison Avenue - 1910



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