Madison Avenue from East 26th Street


Madison Avenue, looking south from East 26th Street. Madison Square Park is to the right. Source: Scrapbooks of New York City views from New York Public Library, which gives the year approximately 1889. Note: the Library of Congress HABS Collection gives a date between 1877 and 1878 for the same photo.

The main subject of this photograph is the Leonard W. Jerome Mansion at 32 East Twenty-sixth Street, corner of Madison Avenue. It was built from 1859 to 1865 by Sir Winton Churchill's maternal grandfather. The plot was vacant when the Worth Monument was dedicated in 1857, but there was a three-story house before (see also a 1860 map). Later, the mansion housed the Manhattan Club, dissolved about 1979. The Madison Square Apartments ("The Madison Square", photo on the right) was erected at 37 Madison Avenue in 1904, adjoining the mansion. Both, hotel and mansion, were demolished in 1969.

The Madison Square Presbyterian Church is on the right, on the corner of East 24th Street. This Gothic temple was completed in 1854 and demolished in 1906, and the church moved to the "new" neoclassical temple across the East 24th Street.


East 26th Street


Madison Square


Madison Avenue


Madison Avenue


Madison Square Apartments


Liberty torch

Statue of Liberty torch on the right.


East Side Madison Square


between 1877 and 1889


Madison Avenue from East 26th Street


NY 19th Century



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