202 Fifth Avenue or 1 West 25th Street Building


The six-story 1 West 25th Street or 202 Fifth Avenue building, now Porcelanosa Building, at the northeast corner of Broadway, is situated in front of the Worth Monument, in Manhattan.

The site was occupied by the old five-story Worth House that existed since about the 1850s. It later became headquarters of the New York Club (1874 to 1888) and Madison Square Bank (1888 to 1883).

In 1918, the old building was replaced by the present six-story structure, originally called Thomas Cushman Company Building, designed by architects Ely Jacques Kahn and Albert Buchman. The new building was first occupied by the General Outdoor Advertising Company until the late 1930s.

By February 1941, the building was leased from the Stephenson Estate to the A.C. Gilbert Company of New Haven, Connecticut, for its New York offices and showrooms. The A.C. Gilbert Co., owned by Alfred Carlton Gilbert (1884-1961), became the biggest toy manufacturer in the United States. The Gilbert's Hall of Science was housed in the premises, later the Toy Guidance Center.

By March 1964, Frankel Associates, importer of novelties and decorative goods, leased 70% of the building. In the 1980s, Abraham Damast bought the building from Frankel Associates. In the 1990s, it was the Commodore and Criterion Christmas decoration showroom.

In 2011, it was the Commodore Criterion Building and housed showrooms for Commodore Manufacturing Corp. and Criterion Bell & Specialty Co. That year, Sierra Realty Corp. offered the building for leasing and naming rights. In 2012, Porcelanosa, a design and manufacturing company of luxury tile, kitchen and bath products, with corporate headquarters in Spain, reportedly purchased the Commodore Criterion building. In 2015 or before, the 1 West 25th Street building was named after Porcelanosa.


Porcelanosa Building




The Porcelanosa Building from Google Street View, May 2021.


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The 1 West 25th Street as A.C. Gilbert Co. Building in 1952.


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202 Fifth Avenue or 1 West 25th Street Building




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