Broadway and 5th Avenue - 1887


Broadway and Fifth Avenue, in front of Fifth Avenue Hotel, looking north above 23rd Street, past the Worth Monument. Illustration signed on left by Frank M. Gregory, 1887. Copyrighted and published by Frederick Abbot Stokes (1857-1939). Source: New York Public Library.

The Worth Monument was dedicated in 1857 and it has served as a burial site and memorial to General William Jenkins Worth. The old Worth House, behind the monument, at West 25th Street, opened in 1865. Sign Victoria Hotel drawn behind Worth House. Madison Square Park, created in 1847, is to the right. The spire of Marble Collegiate Church is on west side 5th Avenue, at 29th St. Some utility poles and overhead wires are seen around. They were buried after the Great Blizzard of 1888.


Broadway 5th Avenue


Worth Square




Old City New York



Worth Square


Fifth Avenue NY


Worth House


Liberty torch


Junction Broadway 5th Avenue

Opposite view of the illustration above.


Broadway and 5th Avenue - 1887


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